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Exclusive Services

I am a small business owner whose goal is to help 1,000 international medical graduates in their transition to alternative careers. 

One-on-One 45-Mins Career Coaching ($100)

Are you burned out with your current career/job? Are you thinking of switching to an alternative nonclinical career, but do not know where to start? Are you jumping from one career to another without getting any traction? Are you looking for a career instead of just a job to pay the bills? 

What I provide during this/these career coaching session(s):

1) Discover your goals and expectations for your future career

2) Personalized practical examples of alternative careers

3) Trends and future outlook of sample careers

4) Pros and cons for each career

5) Action items to launch yourself in these alternative careers.


This could take one session, it can also take two or more.

This is up to your progress.

You will also receive a FREE copy of my book to further guide you through your transition. 


Guest Speaker / Podcast Guest Speaker


1) Alternative Careers for IMGs (45 mins)

From refocusing your vision to breakthrough, let me reiterate three alternative careers from medicine. This talk is specifically geared toward international medical graduates who want a stable, well-paying career. We will conclude with three practical ways to kick start your career transition. 

2) Alternative Careers for Physicians (45 mins)

From side gigs to permanent career shifts, this talk will begin with three steps to a growth mindset, followed by three examples of alternative careers, and conclude with three steps to take to make you a competitive candidate. 

3) Four Steps to a Growth Mindset (35 mins)

From differentiating a growth mindset to a fixed mindset, this talk explains four key components in developing your neurons and achieving neuroplasticity. 

4) Three Steps to Get Ahead of Your Competition (45 mins)

From sharpening your knowledge, followed by strengthening your network, and selecting a mentor, learn these three steps and become a sought-after candidate. 

5) From Zero to Hero (30 mins)

Start with learning the three steps to a career transition to knowing what you want and go forward with it to rocking your neck career. 

There will be a FREE book giveaway after each speaking gig. 


Workshop/Webinar Moderator ($250)

1) Three Steps to Redefine Your Destiny

2) Three Tops to Get Ahead of Your Competition

3) From Zero to Hero, Your Story

Let's Work Together

I am looking forward to working with you. Let me know if you have any questions through the "Contact Me" Form. 

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