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The Inspiration for my first book...

Updated: May 9, 2022

FIRSTs are daunting. First bike ride without training wheels. First dance with your first crush. First dorm with your first roommate. First all nighter for your first comprehensive exam. First big project at the first job.

As an international medical graduate, our FIRSTS were life changing. First hospital rounds in a white coat. First orders for diagnostic exams. First assist for a major surgery. First live delivery with a multiparous mother. First patient death. First patient saved after a CPR.

Yet, there are always room for more FIRSTS.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, I was assigned to work-from-home. The initial two weeks were spent restructuring my life and routine to function as a productive and efficient employee. After two weeks without commute, boredom settled. I became antsy for a new project.

A week later, at 3 am, i decided to check off a bucket list: to write a book. After debating on several topics, I landed on writing a book for my past self. I want to motivate individuals. I want to inspire those who walk(ed) in my shoes as an international medical graduate who stopped pursuing the US residency.

I was inspired by current COVID 19 frontliners. I was inspired by health professionals from varying walks of life.

Hence... for the nth time, i begun another FIRST.

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